Concierge Veterinary

Premium level of care and support for you and your pet


Concierge Medicine

For those looking for a level of integrative medical care beyond what is traditionally offered, Dr. Lindsey can provide a concierge health plan designed specifically for you and your pets needs.

Research shows that professional intimacy creates better patient outcomes and is vital to quality care in Human Nursing, and Dr. Lindsey believe the same idealogy applies to our relationship as a doctor, pet parent, and pet.

Imagine, having the level of support where you have the ability to email/text/call your veterinarian and get an immediate response- it is features such as these that our clients have found to be a refreshing alternative to their previous experiences.

In situations where your pet needs specialty or advanced veterinary care, Dr. Lindsey can refer to her network of trusted colleagues for specialty or emergency care. If desired, she can accompany the pet during the visits to allow for clear communication in real-time and holistic support during the visit leading to a less stressful experience and more rapid recovery.